Manuel Mathieu

Artist Statement

Born in Haïti, Manuel Mathieu is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal. His work revolves around the Haïtian visual culture in all its physicality. His paintings translate an instability of the forms, a ceaseless movement and a feeling of pareidolia. They offer a space of reflection on the history of Haïti while inviting the viewer to imagine its possible futures.


Mathieu holds an MFA from Goldsmith’s College (London). He has exhibited in England, Belgium, China,  Canada, the United States, Spain, France, Morocco, and Martinique. His work is part of different collections, such as the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec and the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal. His work has recently been included in The other side of now at the Perez Art Museum Miami. In 2020, Manuel Mathieu will present solo exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal and The Power Plant (Toronto). He will also present his work in the context of group exhibitions at Musée d’art contemporain of Montreal, at the Phi Foundation (Montréal), at the Song Museum (Beijing) and at the Kunstmuseum (Stuttgart).