Allie Gattor

Allie Gattor is a self-taught artist based in Montreal. She combines drawing techniques and a variety of mediums such as pen, pencil, ink, and watercolours, working in various formats from tiny to human scale. Allie Gattor’s creative process begins with the observation of everyday life. While her work is reminiscent of children’s book illustrations, Allie Gattor’s work is cathartic and can be surprising due to their combination of cheeky feminism and dark humour. Her drawings touch upon themes such as anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, and the absurdity of the human condition, always with a playful touch.

She recently drew attention through her participation in events focusing on emerging artists, such as Artch and Créer des ponts. Her work has been exhibited at Galerie Hugues Charbonneau, at Galerie Louise et Reuben Cohen of the University of Moncton, at Mayten’s Projects (Toronto) and at Andrew Edlin Gallery (New York City). Artworks by Allie Gattor are in the collections of BLG, Claridge, Majudia and Projecore conseils.