Farzaneh Rezaei: Parallel landscapes

January 18 to February 24, 2024

Farzaneh Rezaei: Parallel landscapes

Curator: Moridja Kitenge Banza

“My work acts as a place of introspection into the contradictory nature of the phenomenon of immigration. At the same time as the distance from our native land and our roots causes us pain, we blossom and begin to construct new fragments of identity in our host country. My works seek to express this double life marked by multiple ruptures. My lived experiences and deep sensations in the context of immigration function as the driving force behind my creation, and my work offers the viewer a journey through a fragmented universe, marked by nomadic and migrant thinking. I use natural pigments, such as saffron, an emblematic spice of Iranian culinary culture, but also an essential element in my travel luggage. Following a recent stay on the volcanic island of Hormuz, I have also incorporated the red oxide pigment into my work.”

– Farzaneh Rezaei