Manuel Mathieu: Dear mélancolie

September 14 to October 22, 2022

Manuel Mathieu: Dear mélancolie

I’m tracing my path with the tips of my fingers

Each day it’s fading

More distant behind me

A feather tumbling down into the void

Faltering under the weight of my existence

Caught in the whirlwind of my desires

My soul’s wearing thin

Like a melody in the morning

A habit of the heart

A glass that can never be filled

A hole with no bottom

Blinded, blind, blinding

A kite stretching far, far, far… surrendering

A sheer, yawning crater

Divine apoptosis

I pierce through the clouds

And hit the ground

Onto the scorching magma

My skin, charred, cools

In the duvet of your body

Giving rise to sweetest sweat

One more adventure, a drop at a time

With eyes blindfolded

I’m running breathless

In my box of white sand

I search for my country

And so it begins again…


Dear mélancolie

A poem by Manuel Mathieu